Europump leads drive for harmonisation

Europump, the European Association of Pump Manufacturers, is at the forefront of the drive for harmonisation of quality standards for products that come into contact with drinking water.

One key area of activity for Europump has been its work in relation to the EU Commission’s stated commitment to revise its 20-year-old Drinking Water Directive. It believes that standardisation across the region is paramount, for a host of environmental, health & safety and commercial reasons.

The proposed new rules update the quality standards drinking water must meet and contain new provisions on materials that are in contact with drinking water. The aim is to improve the quality of the materials and ensure that no contamination takes place.

The technical and standards committees within Europump have each contributed many hours of guidance to help ensure that pump manufacturers and their related systems can comply with the revisions, whilst not being commercially disadvantaged in any way.

EDW is an alliance of European trade associations representing industries that manufacture and supply products used in drinking water applications.  Its membership includes industry representatives from the entire supply chain and pver the past five years, EDW has been discussing the standardisation issue, establishing a common view, and preparing proposals for legislators.