ESG Operations wins 10-year contract from EPWSA in Georgia, US

US-based utility operations and public works management firm ESG Operations has secured a 10-year contract from the Eatonton-Putnam Water & Sewer Authority (EPWSA).

EPWSA is a public utility company located in Eatonton, Georgia. It serves the City of Eatonton and Putnam County.

Under the terms of public-private partnership agreement, ESG will offer operations, maintenance and management services for the EPWSA’s two wastewater treatment plants, its collection and distribution system, and related services including metre reading, billing and customer service.

22 employees will join the ESG/EPWSA Team. This partnership will begin on 1 March this year.

EPWSA board vice chairman Tommy Jefferson said: “The Eatonton-Putnam Water & Sewer Authority is excited to announce a partnership with ESG Operations. ESG offers an army of qualified and experienced professionals, along with an award-winning approach to utility operations, which will allow the Eatonton-Putnam Water & Sewer Authority to enhance the quality of services to our ratepayers. Our collaborative partnership is one that will benefit every customer.”

ESG senior vice president and partner John Eddlemon said: “ESG is honored by the confidence placed in us by the Eatonton-Putnam Water & Sewer Authority and excited for the opportunity to bring our unique approach to utility operations and asset management to the citizens served by EPWSA.

“ESG looks forward to becoming an integral part of the Eatonton–Putnam County community while delivering our award-winning services, which we are confident will enhance and greatly improve the level of service for ratepayers.”