EoI sought for UKWIR’s carbon accounting tool  

UK Water Industry Research (UKWIR), the research platform for UK water companies, is seeking expressions of interest (EoI) from parties able to deliver a new version of the water industry’s shared greenhouse gas (GHG) estimation and reporting tool. This will be used for water companies’ annual accounting, to report against UK’s water services regulation authority — Ofwat — operational GHG emissions common performance commitment during ‘Asset Management Plan 8 for 2025-30’.

This project represents a key update to the carbon accounting workbook (CAW), and will go beyond the usual annual update of the existing CAW, according to Mandy Fletton, UKWIR’s senior programme manager.

She said, “We are looking for ideas as to how to deliver the objectives whilst providing an intuitive and user-friendly tool on an appropriate platform. 

“It will include the usual update of the emission factors to reflect 2023 UK government conversion factor values and direct liaison with the project steering group to agree additional or amended functionality to meet the water sector needs. The contractor will be expected to facilitate water company user testing of the tool to ensure it is fit for purpose and meets sector’s requirements.”  

The UK water industry is the fourth most energy-intensive industry in the UK and generates just under 1%, or 5 million tonnes, of the UK’s GHGs. Each year, water companies in the UK and Ireland are required to report on their operational GHG emissions to industry regulators. 

Many companies are also required to report on specific aspects of their emissions to comply with other regulations, such as streamlined energy and carbon reporting (SECR) in their financial reports, and UK mandatory GHG reporting, as well as providing internal management reports and keeping stakeholders informed on emissions.

Working with experts across the water sector, UKWIR developed CAW, a standardised workbook for estimating operational GHG emissions. First launched in 2007, it is updated annually to reflect the needs of the industry and changes in carbon accounting practices.

This project is expected to be consistent with the methodologies and emissions factors included in the latest version of the CAW, and to be populated either directly from the CAW or in a similar format to latest CAW data inputs. 

UKWIR is now seeking EoI from parties able to deliver this valuable research, including collaborations between utilities, consultancies, contractors and technology companies. The closing date is 23 Mar 2023. The project is expected to run for around 16 months.