Envirosight Releases New Wireless Jetscan HD Video Nozzle

Envirosight has released a new wireless Jetscan HD video nozzle. The first generation of the Jetscan transformed jetting and cleaning work, providing operators a simple method to assess pipe condition and verify proper cleaning without calling in a CCTV truck.

Now, Jetscan is wireless, capable of streaming HD video footage straight to a tablet upon removal from a manhole. The footage can be imported wirelessly or via a USB connection. Before video nozzles, operators cleaned blindly, relying on experience, instinct and effluent flow to determine if a line was clean.

Jetscan provides an inexpensive method to assess pipe condition and cleaning success, eliminating repeated callouts and wasted resources.

This second generation Jetscan provides the efficiency and optimization of the previous Jetscan with new features for greater ease-of-use and efficiency:

  • Tool-free sleds of varying sizes make it easy to deploy the Jetscan in a variety of line sizes.
  • Wireless charging eliminates plugs and removable batteries.
  • An app-based tablet interface that makes it simple to view and annotate footage, and then upload it to Wincan Web.

“We have always worked to make our products efficient and user-friendly,” says Richard Lindner, president of Envirosight. “Our upgraded Jetscan turns jetter trucks into camera trucks to provide cities with practical assessment tools.”