Envirocleanse LLC Moves Forward with Patented inTank(TM) Ballast Water Treatment System

Envirocleanse LLC, division of Charter Brokerage, a BERKSHIRE HATHAWAY company, recently submitted a Letter of Intent to the US Coast Guard and the International Maritime Organization indicating that Envirocleanse will apply for Type Approval of their patented Envirocleanse inTank™ Ballast Water Treatment System . Full-scale shipboard trials were performed earlier in 2016 confirming outstanding efficacy of the system in extremely challenging water environments. DNV-GL is the Independent Lab and Norway is the sponsoring country for IMO approval. Type Approval testing is scheduled to be completed in the third quarter of 2017.

The Envirocleanse inTank™ BWTS combines a proprietary membrane technology for the production of the powerful and sustainable biocide HOCl (Hypochlorous Acid) with the US Geological Survey patented “nozzle system” for dispersion in the ballast tanks. Seattle, Washington based marine consultancy, Glosten, is a strategic partner in this endeavor, holding the patent rights to the nozzle system and providing engineering expertise.

“The inTank™ BWTS does not require a filter; and enables continual monitoring and control of the residual oxidant levels in each tank during the treatment phase, minimizing corrosion risk and assuring regulatory compliance of ballast water upon arrival in port,” said Kevin Reynolds , Principal, Glosten. “By treating ballast water in transit, the inTank™ BWTS eliminates critical in port demands on personnel, power, and operations.”

Matt Hughes , EVP of Sales and Marketing, Envirocleanse adds, “The modular design of the Envirocleanse inTank™ BWTS allows engineering standardization, and installation flexibility that keeps costs down for both retrofit and new-build markets. In addition, our proprietary membrane technology provides immediate hydrogen removal for advances in safety and reliability.”