Energy savings, mass-produced

Indo-MIM replaces constant speed pumps with an energy-efficient variable speed solution, and reduced their energy spending by 13%.

Founded in 1997, Indo-MIM is a manufacturer and supplier of metal injection moulding parts, serving companies like Honeywell, TRW and Bosch. The company is based on Bangalore, India; and has two facilities located in Hoskote and Doddaballapur.

In early 2012, Armstrong met with the plant manager of the Hoskote facility to discuss a possible upgrade project.

Operations at Indo-MIM were experiencing frequent pump breakdowns, leading to interruptions in production processes. The existing installation used five End Suction pumps to supply water to a furnace. Pumping loads varied according to production levels for different shifts in a 24/7 manufacturing schedule. Two key challenges for the retrofit project were a shortage of floor space, and the need for continuous operation with minimal downtime.

Given their production requirements, Indo-MIM is unable to shut down the facility while the existing pumps were removed and replaced. That meant the replacement system had to be installed while the existing pumps were still operating using only the left-over floorspace in the mechanical room.

Armstrong designed and built a packaged system with three Vertical In-Line pumps, Flo-Trex triple-duty valves, and an IPS 3000 controller. The package was assembled at the Armstrong factory, hydro tested and then shipped to site partially disassembled to accommodate narrow access to the mechanical room.

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