Energy Recovery wins SWRO plant contracts in Saudi Arabia

Energy Recovery has been clinched contract awards totally nearly US$25 million for its PX Pressure Exchanger energy recovery devices for desalination plants in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, as well as several of the company PX PowerTrain solutions. The capacity for the combined plants will be 1 million cubic meters per day, and the orders are expected to be fulfilled by the close of Q1 2022.

The plants are part of a local initiative to replace energy-intensive, outdated thermal technologies with the more efficient and economical seawater reverse osmosis (SWRO) technology, all while improving the supply of drinking water in Saudi Arabia. The projected cost of producing desalinated water across these facilities is $0.32 per cubic meter, according to Energy Recovery, making it one of the lowest tariffs for desalinated water in the Middle East. When the projects are completed, the production and supply of water will be doubled while energy costs will be reduced by $2.34 billion annually across all facilities, the company added.

Rodney Clemente, senior vice-president of water at Energy Recovery, said: “In arid regions such as the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the dependable and efficient production of potable water is tantamount. The design of Energy Recovery’s PX makes it the most durable, reliable, and economical solution for desalination plants that must phase out costly and outdated multistage flashing technologies.

“Couple with our PowerTrain solutions, customers are assured optimal production of water, all while saving money and reducing the environmental impacts that come with wasted energy.”