Endress+Hauser’s fundraising proceeds channeled to third water house in Vietnam

In 2023, global group in measurement and automation technology for process and laboratory applications Endress+Hauser celebrated its 70th anniversary and in the process reached its fundraising goal. Hundreds of employees participated in the Endress+Hauser Water Challenge during the anniversary year, undertaking joint activities and collecting donations for a good cause. The proceeds from the campaign were earmarked for two water projects in Vietnam.

The Endress+Hauser Water Challenge ensures 283 families in the Kon Tum region of Vietnam have easy access to clean water

Three times around the world

The Endress+Hauser employees’ goal was to circumnavigate the world through physical activities such as running, swimming, cycling and hiking. This goal was reached within only 5 weeks during the 70th anniversary of the company’s founding. But the Endress+Hauser employees actually circumnavigated the globe more than three times, with 622 participants from 20 countries covering a total of 133,049km.

Three water houses for Vietnam

The donations from the anniversary component of the Endress+Hauser Water Challenge went to two projects in Kon Tum, a province in central Vietnam that is situated on the border of Laos and Cambodia. The funds made it possible to construct two additional water houses. The first was built in 2022. The third water house was officially opened at the end of January, with the project management team from Endress+Hauser Vietnam working with those responsible at the local site. Three villages now have reliable access to clean drinking water, simplifying the lives of 2,500 people who live in this rural region, including more than 500 families.

A third water house was officially opened at the end of January due to the Endress+Hauser Water Challenge

Employees demonstrate team spirit

With the Water Challenge, Endress+Hauser is applying its business commitment to a safe, economical and environmentally-friendly water supply to the nonprofit sector. Employees around the world collect money via charity runs and other joint campaigns to ensure people have access to clean drinking water.

An aspect of the success of the Endress+Hauser Water Challenge is the group-wide team spirit

The company matches each of the donations, with the proceeds going to select aid projects in Asia, South America and Africa. The goal of the next Water Challenge is to construct a water project in Bushbuckridge, South Africa.

Images: Endress+Hauser