Endress+Hauser recognises achievements of its innovators

Endress+Hauser invested more money in R&D in 2022, underscoring its innovation ambitions. Innovators from across the group were honoured at the annual Innovators’ Meeting.

Dr Koslowski and Dr Mayr led the programme and honoured this year’s winners

Since 2000, Endress+Hauser has invited all employees involved in patent filings to the Innovators’ Meeting. This year the event was held at the Freiburg Convention Centre in Germany, where 300 innovators and guests gathered.

Endress+Hauser submitted 235 initial patent filings in 2022. The intellectual property rights portfolio, now comprises 8,700 patents and patent filings that protect Endress+Hauser’s products, solutions and services from imitators. “Our product pipeline shows that Endress+Hauser’s innovation strength continues unabated,” said COO Dr Andreas Mayr.

Endress+Hauser invested €242m in R&D in 2022, which represents 7.2% of sales and an increase of 13.6% over the prior year. More than 1,200 employees are active in this area. Eight out of 100 employees at Endress+Hauser are exclusively involved in the development of new products, solutions and services. However, employees in production, logistics, IT and administration also ensure innovation with process improvements.

“The Innovators’ Meeting allows us to offer a platform where employees from different Endress+Hauser companies can meet and network,” said Dr Christine Koslowski, director of intellectual property rights at Endress+Hauser. “Last year, 85% of our innovations stemmed from innovation teams. This illustrates how important personal interaction is for the creative process.”

During the Innovators’ Meeting, Endress+Hauser recognises employees who developed economically significant or creative innovations in the last year. In addition, awards are given for process improvements or the reuse of existing solutions. A total of 61 employees were recognised at this year’s event.

The Endress+Hauser Innovators’ Meeting celebrated 300 innovators