Egypt: Port Said Industrial Zone’s upcoming wastewater treatment plant

On 1 October 2017, Nijhuis Industries and Green Valley Oil Services (GVOS) started to design a 60,000m3 per day wastewater treatment plant based on the contract signed by both parties by the end of September 2017.

It was decided to build the project in two phases of 35,000m3 per day. The plant incorporated Nijhuis drum screen filtration and DAF treatment (High Rate i-DAF) followed by Nijhuis BIOCTOR aerobic treatment and during the second phase extended to a capacity to 60,000 m3 aday including Nijhuis an-aerobic biological treatment, sludge digestion and biogas treatment. The biogas will be used to feed gas engines to produce power and become energy neutral.

In close cooperation with GVOS a combined project team of 40 dedicated engineers from Nijhuis Industries, Witteveen+Bos and key suppliers created within three months a complete Basic Engineering Package.

Supporting pilot plant trials were conducted on the actual wastewater in the Industrial Zone of Port Said, confirming the original design and providing opportunities to improve the scope of distribution over the two project phases.

Based on the revised and increased civil scope GVOS is currently completing the actualised feasibility study to finalise the investments during the complete realisation period. Nijhuis Industries plans to start procurement in July 2018 and expects to be able to treat 35,000 m3 per day in July 2019, and 60,000 m3 a day by July 2020.