Ecor Research brings water where it is absent and needed

Italian company, Ecor Research Società per azioni (S.p.A.), has designed and manufactured a custom-made system for water treatment, a movable water purification unit.

The enterprise specialises in the design and production of special test equipment, design of intricate automated systems, exterior engineering and assembly of complicated subsystem automated machinery, and the manufacturing of crucial components for the aerospace and food packaging sectors.

But even with their origins firmly rooted in the automated food production and packaging industry, the company, located in Schio, Vicenza, has updated its business model and has been exploring various markets and extending their reach into new areas of business. Most notably, Ecor Research has gained specialised knowledge and skills in the area of water purification, and today, produces module systems for water purification and treatment that is able to adapt to disparate environments due to its mix of various modules serving a range of specific tasks.

With the mobile water purification unit able to function in dissimilar fields thanks to its modularity and flexibility, it can be used in various sectors. In residential or public areas – the civil sector – it can be brought to bear in times of scarcity of drinkable water, perhaps due to specific traits of the geographic region. In the industrial sector, the polluted effluent discharged by manufacturers can be treated and reused.

While the main feature of the unit is its ability to produce drinkable water even in the presence of only one source of water, like a sea, lake, river, or even just air, it can accommodate any and every type of environment thanks to the three modules with specific functions: the water desalinisation, condensation and purification modules. On top of these, the water purification unit is equipped with permanent modules, like the main generator and control panel.

The water desalination module is capable of taking in any sort of brackish water to desalinate and purify with the use of reverse osmosis technology. As the procedure does not need periodic regeneration whatsoever, it does not include the use of any kind of chemicals and is thus completely environmentally-friendly.

Able to procure water vapour and condense it into water, thus purifying it, the water condensation module is effective in securing good water production even with low humidity. It can be used in desert settings where there are no surface waterways or even in hostile surroundings where the water resources present may have been damaged or chemical weapons introduced.

Lastly, the water purification module is brought to the fore when there is water present, but when complicated water treatments are unnecessary. This module disinfects and cleanses the water, providing water of stable quality and hygienic purity, while also holding the resource to the physical and chemical parameters enforced by water regulations worldwide.

This is accomplished by ozonation, which reduces the Apergillus Niger spores and, in correlation, deactivates 99.99 per cent of bacteria found, thus eradicating all the vegetative verdure that usually forms in surface water. The symbiosis of ozone and ultra-violet (UV) rays adds in a further germicidal effect. The filtration section isolates the unwanted entities in the water and treats and oxidises it; and the carbon filter removes the main leftover substances like heavy metals, pesticides, toxic molecules and other dissolved organic compounds (DOC).

Fabrizio Casadei, General Manager and CTO of Ecor Research, said: “It is a really ambitious project for our company, as we can make our core competencies concrete in a Ecor Research-branded product and we are proud of it. Besides, the water purification, thanks to its versatility, can reach potentially wide and diversified targets, satisfying, therefore, every kind of need.”