Ecolab launches ECOLAB3D cloud-based digital platform to reduce water use

US-based water, hygiene, and energy technologies & services provider Ecolab has introduced ECOLAB3D cloud-based digital platform to help businesses minimise water use and boost asset performance.

Leveraging predictive analytics and 3D TRASAR technology, the platform has been developed with support from Microsoft and Accenture.

ECOLAB3D applies advanced digital technology to collect data from Ecolab’s process control and monitoring systems, automation tools besides other systems.

The platform creates alerts in real time, helps optimise operations of facilities besides aiding companies to benchmark performance across their sites.

The platform provides specific solutions to cater to different business needs.

Its advanced digital technology helps to optimise the water and production system.

It applies real-time digital solutions and remote monitoring system of Ecolab’s 3D TRASAR technology to help facilities reduce usage of water.

Ecolab senior vice president of Global Platforms Natasha Chen said, “ECOLAB3D for water management is an integrated cloud platform that gives companies visibility into their water ecosystems across their enterprise. The platform is designed to turn insights into actionable outcomes that help companies drive greater value and achieve their sustainability and operational goals.”

Ecolab’s 3D TRASAR technology has collected over 90 billion data every year from more than 40,000 water monitoring systems deployed across the globe.

ECOLAB3D then adds up this information with the data pooled from other connected devices and third-party sources. It utilises analytical techniques to identify issues.

Ecolab president and chief operating officer Christophe Beck said, “The growing scarcity of freshwater worldwide remains one of the most pressing issues of our time. By harnessing the power of digital technology, we can help improve how businesses monitor, manage and reduce water use to improve operating performance and minimize the impact on nature. The quality of our data, and our decades of industry expertise will revolutionize the way industry manages and preserves water.”

Microsoft executive vice president Judson Althoff said, “The magnitude and speed of the world’s environmental changes have made it increasingly clear that industries must do more. Ecolab is pioneering new ways to help companies worldwide accelerate how they tackle water scarcity. We are proud of our collaboration with Ecolab and their choice of Microsoft Azure to underpin the services they offer customers.”

Accenture managing director Manish Panjwani said, “We look forward to helping Ecolab and its customers to use rapid advances in technology to help preserve our world’s precious natural resources.”