Ecolab celebrates new water stewardship certifications on World Water Day

Certification of additional manufacturing facilities in China, Mexico and the US accelerates the company’s progress on water and climate.

Ecolab has increased its portfolio of Alliance for Water Stewardship (AWS) certified sites, adding two manufacturing plants in Lerma and Cuautitlan Izcalli, Mexico and its first-ever platinum certified facility in Taicang, China. The new certifications recognise programmes that improve the efficiency of operations, reduce wastewater and mitigate water risks to help deliver a more water-resilient future for local communities.

The AWS is a global collaboration of businesses, NGOs and the public sector to advance the responsible use of freshwater. AWS certification confirms a facility has met the global benchmark for responsible water stewardship, requiring both a holistic commitment to proactive water management and alignment with the AWS International Water Stewardship Standard. Platinum certification recognises elite water stewardship practices and performance that exceed the core AWS requirements and deliver significant positive impacts to the local community.

Christophe Beck, president and CEO of Ecolab, commented: “Global water use, storage and distribution, including the lack of wastewater treatment, contributes 10% of global greenhouse gases. Industry can no longer ignore the vital link between water and climate.

“Our focus is to demonstrate this connection and help our customers achieve climate and business resilience through smart water management and a reduction in resource use. And that starts within our operations. We will continue to demonstrate that companies can accelerate their growth while prioritising water stewardship and the health of the planet and people.”

Ecolab’s commitment to reduce water and climate emissions is an important part of the company’s business and 2030 Impact Goals. The company aims to restore greater than 50% of water withdrawal, contribute to a local positive water impact, and achieve AWS certification in high-risk watersheds. The certification of the company’s China facility and the certification of two Mexico facilities moves Ecolab to more than 25% of its goal and further demonstrates its commitment to action and water stewardship.

Emilio Tenuta, CSO for Ecolab, added: “Smart water management is essential to protect the environment and human health in our local communities. It is also fundamental to the success of our business.”

Ecolab AWS-certified locations have been delivering impactful results and returns for the business. The company reported that in 2020, its Lerma facility in Mexico reduced its water use by 12%, and the Taicang facility is a zero-process liquid discharge plant that has reduced its water use intensity by 40% since its original AWS certification. And in just two years, the company’s facility in Garyville, Louisiana, has achieved an annual total water reduction of 42 million gallons, equivalent to nearly US$500,000 in risk-adjusted cost savings.