Ebara introduces more sustainable pump

The EVMS-K pump combines two existing products of the company, the model EVMS pump and the model E-SPD inverter. With the new integrated inverter, the pump will have a more energy-efficient motor and thus be driven more effectively. Moreover, a smaller installation space is required and wiring and installation works are less complicated.

As part of Ebara Group’s medium-term management plan, known as the E-plan 2022, the launch of the EVMS-K pump is aligned with the company’s aim and strategy to strengthen the development of energy efficient, miniaturised, lighter, and smarter products and systems. The plan is to offer products that meet local needs by expanding the company’s sales bases and enhancing its development systems in the global market.

The Ebara Group’s future plan will centre around product development and it will continue contributing to the innovation of a sustainable society by responding to the local needs of each country though its products and services.