DuPont named 2023 Water Technology Company of the Year

DuPont Water Solutions has been named Water Technology Company of the Year at the Global Water Awards, for innovating solutions that address water challenges.

In addition to receiving this award, DuPont was also recognised as a contributor to the Water Project of the Year award, which was the Jiaxing Drinking Water Upgrade Project in China.  As part of the largest nanofiltration (NF) drinking water plant in the world, DuPont’s FilmTec NF membranes were deployed to address pollutants in municipal drinking water sources — unlocking a new raw water source, boosting Jiaxing’s water security and offering a new model for water supply for China’s growing population.

“To be named Water Technology Company of the Year and stand with our customers in support of the Water Project of the Year — both honours recognise our dedication to innovation and sustainably solving global water challenges,” said Alan Chan, its vice-president and general manager. “To increase the availability of safe, affordable water for both domestic and industrial use, we need to shift our mindsets that all water has value and leverage technologies to optimise the circular nature of all water.”

From wastewater to ultrapure water, DuPont technologies allow purification, conservation, and reuse of hard-to-treat water enabling customers to meet their goals for water stewardship, circularity and waste reduction, and greenhouse gas (GHG) emission reduction. For example, DuPont FilmTecPrime reverse osmosis (RO) is a new portfolio of RO membranes for industrial applications. Prime RO elements require up to 20% less energy while improving permeate quality by up to 60%.    

It is said that its water technologies help purify more than 50 million gallons of water every minute around the world, enable water reuse and recycling, desalination, and the safe access of both ground and surface water. DuPont offers solutions to a variety of water and sustainability challenges faced by industrial water users and water treatment municipalities through a portfolio of membranes, resins and systems, including RO membranes, ion exchange resins (IEX), ultrafiltration (UF), electrode ionization (EDI), NF, membrane bioreactor systems (MBR), membrane aerated biofilm reactors (MABR), and closed-circuit RO (CCRO) systems.

DuPont is also working with customers, governments, NGOs and thought leaders to uncover solutions to enable ample water supply for generations to come. For global water operators, DuPont maintains over 100hrs of training to ensure the most efficient treatment and use of water in their operations. Collaborating with WaterEquity, DuPont recently joined a collective investment with other corporations in the Water Resilience Coalition (WRC) to increase access to safe water and sanitation for 5 million people across Asia, Africa, and Latin America. DuPont also supports Economist Impact on the City Water Index to help cities optimise urban water systems.

The 2023 Global Water Awards, announced at the Global Water Summit on 9 May, recognise excellence across the international water industry within several categories and reward impactful initiatives in the water, wastewater and desalination sectors that are moving the industry forward.