DuPont closes Desalitech acquisition to increase wastewater reuse

DuPont has completed its 2019 acquisitions of four clean water technology companies, as it aims to solve water scarcity and purification challenges to meet growing consumer demand.

The four companies include inge GmbH, Memcor, Desalitech and OxyMem Limited, which will join DuPont Water Solutions.

With its recent acquisitions, DuPont adds to its portfolio of water purification and separation technologies, including ultra-filtration, reverse osmosis and ion exchange resins. As a result, DuPont said it can offer customers better levels of service, while reducing the life cycle costs of clean water.

Desalitech’s closed-circuit reverse osmosis technology addresses increasing needs for high water recovery in core market segments such as the food and beverage industry. Water recovery refers to the process of converting wastewater into water that can be reused for other purposes.

According to DuPont, the technology will help to further reduce the life cycle cost of water, delivering more than 95% recovery, in a move that advances its commitment to sustainability.

Following the acquisition of Desalitech, DuPont will gain access to products and technologies required to meet global consumers’ current and future challenges, including the increased need to recycle water while reducing the energy requirements to generate clean water.

DuPont agreed to acquire Desalitech on 11 December 2019 for an undisclosed amount.

“Water scarcity is a global challenge that needs to be solved with a sense of urgency. As a global leader in innovative water technologies, we are continually expanding our technology portfolio of high-quality solutions to help our customers purify, conserve and reuse this precious resource,” said HP Nanda, global VP and general manager of DuPont Water Solutions.

Nanda added: “We look forward to working with equipment manufacturers, end users and other value chain partners in a variety of business models, solving their water challenges and delivering superior value.”