Duperon launches solution for pump clogging caused by flushable wipes

Duperon has announced the commercial availability of the Duperon Dual Auger System (DAS), a solution to pump clogging caused by flushable wipes and other pump-fouling debris. The patent-pending DAS uses three proven Duperon technologies to remove a vast majority of flushable wipes at or near where they enter the collection system, before downstream equipment can be impacted.

Flushable wipes wreak havoc in collection systems and wastewater treatment plants across the country. Unlike toilet paper, which degrades in the collection system, flushable wipes do not. These fibre-enforced rags coagulate and combine with fat, oils, and grease (FOG) in the sewer system, clogging pumps and damaging equipment in the treatment train.

“Current solutions require significant labour and do not alleviate the problem,” notes Steve Dill, Mechanical Engineer at Duperon Corporation. “Most systems either require manual, emergency pump cleanouts or grind wipes into smaller pieces that re-constitute downstream.”

The new DAS, which offers a mechanical solution that dramatically reduces hands-on labour, can be installed easily in manholes as small as 17 inches. By installing the DAS at high-ragging locations such as nursing home discharges, hospitals, and certain residential areas, debris is removed before it becomes a system-wide risk.

Vertical dual augers lift wipes and other debris at the source. Then a flexible bar screen captures debris, cleaning itself without the need for additional brushes or liners. Finally, a discharge extension chute conveys solids to the surface, where an operator can easily transport the solids for safe disposal. With the new system, emergency maintenance is replaced with simple and infrequent solids pick-ups.

Duperon Corporation has a simple design philosophy that two parts are one part too many. Likewise, the DAS captures, dewaters, compacts and conveys solids in a single system. It features completely contained screenings for odour control and aesthetics. Above- or below-grade discharge options offers flexibility for each application and a built-in bypass eliminates sewer backup during power outages.

“The ease of use is a tremendous advantage to communities,” notes Mark Turpin, President at Duperon Corporation. “In our alpha testing at the City of Saginaw, we revealed a potential cost savings of more than forty-thousand dollars in annual labour. Before installation of the DAS, the City of Saginaw serviced clogged pumps two to three times a week, with operators working in a confined space to remove debris manually. The City saw zero clogged pumps when the Duperon equipment was installed.”

Communities across the country can realise the same benefits as Saginaw. Using reliable technology to stop the problem where it starts, the new Dual Auger System protects community collection systems from the damages of flushable wipes.