Drive electronics for each application case

Whether a control cabinet installation or a decentralised version for use in the field – with its NORDAC product family, NORD DRIVESYSTEMS offers electronic drive technology for almost every application. The frequency inverters and motor starters cover a wide power range of up to 160 kW and impress with high performance and safety. A special feature is the large range of modular products for decentralised drive electronics. Whether mounted on the motor or close to the motor: With power ratings up to 22 kW and their large range of functions, NORD decentralised drives are used in many applications worldwide – from the food industry to intralogistics through to bulk goods handling.

Scalable functions for each drive application
All NORD inverters are scalable with regard to function and configuration, and can be flexibly adjusted to any application. They are quick to install, easy to operate and compatible with all common bus systems and controls. Useful features like the PLC functionality for drive-integrated functions, an energy-saving function for partial load operation, the POSICON positioning control, integrated brake choppers for 4-quadrant operation and functional safety with STO and SS1 ensure high functional use. The inverters perform open- loop or closed-loop, and are designed for operation with asynchronous and synchronous motors. The precise current vector control ensures optimal torque in a wide variety of load and speed situations. The consistency of the entire NORDAC product family ensures a comparable function range, uniform operation, and common options for all NORD frequency inverters.

Condition monitoring for predictive maintenance
NORD inverters have condition monitoring solutions for predictive maintenance systems and are well equipped for use in IIoT and Industry 4.0. The integrated PLC can process data from connected sensors and actuators, initiate control sequences and communicate with other system components. The periodic or continuous recording of drive and status data allows for an early detection and avoidance of impermissible operating states. Unscheduled downtimes can be significantly reduced and status-oriented maintenance (predictive maintenance) replaces time-based maintenance. Machinery and plant downtimes can be scheduled.

Electronics production in Aurich
The frequency inverters and motor starters are manufactured in Aurich (East Friesland), Lower Saxony. NORD has been operating its own electronics production in Aurich since 1984, producing more than 100,000 units per year in a manufacturing area of 5,000 m2 – from series production devices via individually configurable components through to one-off special build items. The drive specialist develops all solutions together with customers and perfectly matches them to the individual requirements.