Diehl Metering unveils multi-connectivity IoT networks, shaping smart cities

The evolution towards smart cities is accelerating to modernise infrastructure. As urban areas are projected to house 60% of the global population by 2030, the demand for smart technologies is unprecedented. Diehl Metering is part of this revolution, introducing Internet of Things (IoT) solutions to enhance the connectivity landscape.

IZAR PLUS portal is the web-based application of Diehl Metering meter data management software running as a service on an external high security data centre in Germany (Image: Diehl Metering)

Cities face pressures to foster sustainable growth, establish regional advantages, and provide citizens with convenient, health-conscious, and safe urban services. Challenges such as rising costs, compartmentalised municipal departments, and technical complexities hinder progress when fortifying infrastructure, establishing networks, and introducing new services are critical.

Leading cities globally are reaping the benefits of well-established smart city technologies, implementing communication networks as the groundwork for future applications. Tangible outcomes include novel services, reduction in operational costs, and energy savings in compliance with environmental directives. Diehl Metering, with its multi-connectivity IoT networks, empower cities to integrate smart city services from existing smart metering networks, enabling long-term expansion and improving ROI.

By creating a super-network that integrates IoT technologies for smart metering and smart cities, Diehl Metering enables all devices, platforms and software to exchange and interpret data within a single unified communications network, now and for the long term, to maximise ROI with a flexible, scalable, and sustainable IoT network.

Diehl Metering IoT networks include data transportation by low-power wide-area network (LPWAN) technology, enabling utilities to create interconnected systems, reaching within 11km to transmit any connectivity technology. With its backward compatible with sensors in place, these communication networks are open to future connectivity technologies, and can reportedly include up to 100,000 transmitting devices or gateways. Designed for long-term use, Diehl Metering IoT communication networks is said to be a new all-in-one IoT gateway for roll out smart metering and smart city.

In November 2023, Diehl Metering presented the market’s first outdoor gateway offering full multi-connectivity, combining mioty, LoRaWAN and M-Bus OMS radio technologies in a single device. With IZAR IoT gateway premium, an IoT network integrating typical IoT technologies for smart metering and smart cities into a single infrastructure is possible.