Diehl Metering launches its first ultrasonic bulk meter

By combining ultrasonic measuring technology with smart functions, Hydrus 2.0 Bulk not only provides accuracy over its lifetime but also delivers connectivity

Diehl Metering’s Hydrus 2.0 Bulk

Equipped with four transducers offering two measuring paths for precision, Hydrus 2.0 Bulk marks the first bulk meter of the Hydrus series to integrate Diehl Metering’s ultrasonic measuring technology. The meter is able to measure extremely low and high flow rates, and has a dynamic range of up to R1,000. It can therefore register the volume of water supplied more accurately, making it a key part of an automated meter reading (AMR) solution, and an advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) solution to empower utilities improve billing and detect water loss.

Furthermore, Hydrus 2.0 Bulk is built to maintain accuracy in the long term. The static free-flow design means the meter has no moving parts, ensuring unobstructed access to water. It is resistant to particles such as sand in the pipe, pressure surges, magnet manipulation and UV radiation. In addition, its IP68 classification means it is also resistant to flooding and dust.

This robustness combines with a battery life of up to 16 years to ensure the meter’s longevity while also limiting the need for maintenance. For utilities, this translates as peace of mind and cost savings over the meter’s entire lifetime, the company added.

Another feature of Hydrus 2.0 Bulk is its integrated connectivity. As a smart meter, it provides consumption and service data with high granularity. When integrated into a fixed network metering structure, it supports water network monitoring in real-time. Hydrus 2.0 Bulk permanently monitors consumption to detect leakage, backflow or overflow, and even comes with a self-check feature that generates alert codes if implausibly different values are measured in the two measurement paths.

The full potential of Hydrus 2.0 Bulk is best exploited when it is connected to a system infrastructure using IZAR radio technology. Based on the Open Metering System standard, it offers optimal flexibility and data security, and is capable of long-range radio performance, as well as transmitting data from challenging locations such as pits. Furthermore, it supports a wide range of technology, including wired M-Bus, L-Bus and Pulse.

In a fixed network, multiple types of data are transmitted by Hydrus 2.0 Bulk in tandem with smart domestic meters. This enables real-time information about flow rates, device status, and water losses in zones or leakages in houses. As a result, IZAR software can build up an overview of the overall distribution network, with monitoring and analysis. This empowers water utilities to make smart, sustainable and fast decisions to optimise costs and resources, and reduce Non-Revenue Water (NRW).