Diehl Metering introduces the new IZAR PLUS Portal

Diehl Metering has developed a new hosted software solution, IZAR PLUS Portal. Delivered in SaaS mode (Software as a Service), IZAR PLUS Portal is used for controlling water and energy consumption data, anywhere in the world and at any time.

Diehl Metering meters fitted with the IZAR radio, complying with the OMS specification, send frequent and very precise data about water and multi-energy consumption – data that only one optimised interface, dedicated to data management, is capable of processing.

IZAR PLUS Portal is developed to meet the current and future needs of water and energy suppliers, local authorities and industrial companies. It centralises information from various mobile radio-reading solutions (Walk-by, Drive-by and Passive Drive-by) and remote meter reading solutions, along with managing subscribers, alarms, analysis, and more. The system is also available 24/7, and where the user is – he will be to access all the data online via PC, tablet or smartphone.

Featuring a user-friendly, ergonomic web interface, IZAR PLUS Portal offers data visualisation functions that simplify the reading and comprehension of indicators: a detailed dashboard (volume, flowrate, temperature, etc.), interactive mapping, geolocation of installed meters and scheduling of meter-reading rounds (radio reading), rich graphic functions (value comparison, etc.).

The automatic and advanced analysis functions also help users optimise their networks by reducing, for instance, non-revenue water, energy losses, CO2 emissions and more. In addition, the data-analytics functions enable the user to acquire precious information about consumption from end users. In fact, it also helps these users be aware of and optimise their own water or energy consumption.

With around 100,000 data points processed under 15 minutes, IZAR PLUS Portal is a real-time decision support tool that will improve the performance across all networks. It also complies with the strictest European safety standards and data protection directives (ISO 27001 certification).