De Nora to launch high efficiency electrochlorination system at WEFTEC 2019

Global leader of sustainable technologies, De Nora recently announced the launch of its next generation of ClorTec® on-site sodium hypochlorite generators at WEFTEC, the Water Quality Event in Chicago this month. The new high efficiency ClorTec® Gen III system uses an optimized electrochlorination process that reduces salt and power consumption to deliver a 15 per cent operating cost savings over the previous ClorTec® DN Gen II system that was launched last year at WEFTEC 2018.

“With more than 9,500 installations globally, De Nora has been pioneering the brine electrochlorination process for nearly a century, since filing the first of several patents covering hypochlorite generation” said Dr Mirka Wilderer, CEO, De Nora Water Technologies. “Today, a culture of innovation and commitment to research and development allows us to deliver to the market the next generation in the evolution of the electrochlorination process. The new high efficiency system uses less salt and less power, resulting in significant opex cost savings for our partners. With simple and precise operation, the ClorTec Gen III offers the same peace of mind as the Gen II, but now reduces operating costs by 15 per cent – that can result in yearly savings of US$70,000, based on a 3,000 lb FAC per day system”

The ClorTec® Gen III system includes the same market-led features of the previous model, including easy operation, less maintenance, and up to 50 per cent footprint reduction. All ClorTec systems include 100 per cent access to every component, making operation and maintenance simple, and a proprietary liquid flow backboard that can be located anywhere in the building for additional flexibility. Smart Monitoring technology and acid cleaning notifications allow users to remotely monitor and control the operation of their system and provide performance data remotely back at the operator’s location.

The ClorTec line of on-site sodium hypochlorite generators generate sodium hypochlorite using three common and safe consumables – water, salt and power – and has proven effective at producing chlorate and other disinfection byproducts levels in finish water below the current U.S. guidelines and International Regulatory Limits.

De Nora will be launching the new product at WEFTEC in Chicago from September 22-25 at booth #2608, where visitors will be able to see the new system and experience a ClorTec on site sodium hypochlorite generator for themselves in virtual reality. Also available at the booth: Capital Controls® gas chlorination and ozone generation systems, DE NORA TETRA™ filtration solutions, and MIOX® mixed oxidant solution generators, a companion to the ClorTec line of on-site generators.