De Nora Technologies to improve quality of water supply for 60,000 households in Mandalay

De Nora Water technologies has been selected to provide safe drinking water to an estimated 60,000 households in Mandalay, Myanmar, as part of an agreement signed in September 2016 with Tobishima Cooperation for the Government of the Republic of the Union of Myanmar to enhance the water supply systems in the city with the installation of new pipes, wells, tanks, pumps, and water meters. The agreement is valued at 1.797 billion yen (US$16.5 million).

As part of the project, De Nora is supplying its CECHLO®-NS Brine electrochlorination system for the project’s disinfection facility, which will ensure the safety of the drinking water, and in turn improving the living environment of local residents.

The CECHLO®-NS Brine electrochlorination system is an alternative to the traditional gas chlorination method, which involves the risk of delivery or storage of hazardous chemicals such as high-pressure chlorine, and is able to generate sodium hypochlorite on-site at one per cent strength by applying direct current electricity onto brine and water.

Over the years, disinfection using gas chlorination had been a common water treatment option in developing nations, but with potential health hazards and increasingly stringent legislation around maintaining low levels of residual chlorine, more countries are open to adopting electrochlorination as part of their municipal water supply process.

Construction began in October 2017 in the Pyi Gyi township, which only has six per cent water supply coverage not only due to its rapid increase in population, but also the commercial facilities that have burgeoned over the last few years. The construction of the project is expected to be completed by July 2018.

“De Nora has been continuously recognised for its leading industry innovation in water treatment, and being entrusted by Tobishima Corporation and the government of Myanmar to be part of this momentous project further reinforces our ability to deliver solutions for a safe and sustainable supply of clean water,” Vincenzo Palma, De Nora Regional Sales Director – Asia Pacific, said. “The De Nora CECHLO®-NS Brine electrochlorination system, which generates a high concentration of sodium hypochlorite on-site of up to 12 per cent strength, has been a well-established and trusted product line in Japan for over 40 years. It is a safe and economical solution that is both easy to maintain and highly durable, ensuring a low replacement rate.”