De Nora sponsors SWCC IDA Innovation Conference

Water treatment and solutions provider demonstrates commitment to addressing severe water scarcity concerns in the Middle East.

Committed to addressing water scarcity with innovation in treatment technologies, De Nora will sponsor the International Specialty Conference on Innovation in Desalination. The conference will be held from 30 May-1 Jun 2022 in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, a region addressing the global challenges of enhancing desalination water quality. The event focuses on the latest achievements of desalination science and technology, and provides a forum for incubation and exchange of ideas between industry stakeholders.

De Nora, known for its purification solutions including Capital Controls gas feed systems, ISIA chlorine dioxide generators and SEACLOR seawater electrochlorination systems, will showcase its latest developments and collaboration with Saudi Water Conversion Company (SWCC). Operating through 24 offices across 12 countries, including nearby middle eastern countries Dubai and Abu Dhabi, De Nora further announced the setup of a new localised office in Saudi Arabia, which will be operational later this year.

Dr Mirka Wilderer, CEO for De Nora Water Technologies, said: “We have a shared interest of prioritising efficiency in water treatment, dedicating vast resources to the R&D process. Sponsoring the SWCC IDA Innovation Conference and opening another local office strengthen our existing relationships in the region.

“With the expansion of our chlorine dioxide technologies, we can now confidently recommend the best treatment technology for each application, down to the specific chemistry that will deliver the most effective and efficient solution for our partners.”

With a range of treatment solutions across all main water treatment types, De Nora has spearheaded several installations around the globe, including many in the Middle East. Its portfolio of preeminent water disinfection and filtration technologies has evolved to address modern contamination concerns, taking a heightened focus on improved disinfection capabilities as shifts in climate patterns leave areas more stressed for traditional water sources.

The company is committed to providing new products and solutions that contribute to the full spectrum of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) defined by the United Nations Member States. In partnership with Thyssenkrupp Uhde Chlorine Engineers (NUCERA), De Nora was recently awarded an alkaline water electrolysis contract for one of the world’s largest green hydrogen production plants. Once complete, the plant will power a fully sustainable city in Saudi Arabia known as Neom, paving the way for future communities to reduce carbon emissions and make a positive impact on climate change for future generations.

The International Specialty Conference on Innovation in Desalination is co-hosted by The International Desalination Association and The Saline Water Conversion Corporation – Desalination Technology Research Institute. It focuses on the latest achievements in science and technology of desalination, fostering a creative, open discussion that spurs innovation.