De Nora showcases innovative products and solutions to address modern water challenges at Singapore International Water Week 2022

To highlight new product developments and solutions to current global water challenges at one of the first physical international water shows in Asia since 2018

De Nora, a global leader in water disinfection and filtration technologies today announced their presence at Singapore International Water Week 2022. De Nora, which has also been shortlisted by GWI for Water Technology Company of the Year for 2022, will use this opportunity to showcase their ongoing innovation and growth, and demonstrate its knowledge and expertise in electrochemistry and water to support and transform the world into a more sustainable one.

De Nora Leverages Comprehensive Water Filtration and Disinfection Solutions for Asia

As modern water challenges in Asia become more complex, De Nora continues to lead the conversation in innovation solutions to combat these issues. Today, water issues like Contaminants of Emerging Concern (CEC), ground water safety, disinfection by-products, and
micropollutants are starting to dominate conversations, and De Nora is working hard to develop innovative solutions to counter these issues. One of the key solutions presented by De Nora at SIWW is the Advanced Oxidation Processes for CECs, where De Nora leverages Capital
Controls® UV and Ozone advanced oxidation process (AOP) solution to remove CECs and micropollutants and encourage water reuse. This will be presented by Stanley Shmia, Global Product Manager at De Nora Water Technologies at SIWW’S product showcase session at 2:20
pm – 3:10 pm SGT, 19 April 2022.

“Co-creating innovative water solutions is a key area explored at this year’s SIWW – something we must take seriously as a part of the global water community,” said De Nora Water Technologies General Manager, Asia Hub, Mr Marwan Nesicolaci. “We are very excited to finally
get together physically at the Singapore International Water Week this year, and we look forward to sharing our innovative and comprehensive solutions in support of tackling today’s modern water challenges.”

De Nora – Trailblazing the Way to Becoming a Global Water Powerhouse

Since the last Singapore International Water Week in 2018, De Nora has been on a mission of accelerated growth across the globe. Last year, De Nora acquired the Calgon Carbon Corporation UV Technologies Division CCUV) and ISIA S.p.A from Grundfos. This broadens De
Nora’s disinfection portfolio to now include Chlorine Dioxide generator and UV options on top of chlorinators, on-site hypochlorite generation, ozone, mixed oxidant solution generation, and high-strength chlorine generations, providing multi-barrier disinfection solutions in municipal,
industrial and marine applications.

These developments, combined with close to 100 years of proven success in providing efficient water treatment solutions for emerging contaminants of concern, qualified De Nora to becoming selected as a top-four finalist in the prestigious Global Water Awards as “Water
Technology Company of the Year”.

Additional highlights at De Nora over the past two years include introduction into a new surface disinfection market in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, with EPA certification of salt used in ClorTec® SD systems; significant growth in green hydrogen, including an alkaline water electrolysis contract by Thyssenkrupp Uhde Chlorine Engineers (NUCERA) at the world’s largest production plant in Saudi Arabia; and an upward trajectory in the aftermarket business.

In Asia, responding to safety concerns around the transport and storage of liquid chlorine containers in the highly populated waterworks in Hong Kong, De Nora delivered 20 hybrid water disinfection systems of CECHLOTM on-site chlorine generation systems and Capital Controls® gas feed systems to 10 of its water treatment plants. Besides, De Nora was awarded one of Asia’s largest water disinfection projects at the Johor River Water Works, the largest water works located in Malaysia. Replacing the existing liquid chlorine and ammonia systems at Johor River Water Works, De Nora provided the ClorTec® 2250 on-site hypochlorite generator which offers a safe, economical and effective solution for drinking water disinfection at one of Singapore’s most important water source.