De Nora launches new multi-barrier advanced bioactive filter process

DE NORA TETRA® biofilters and Capital Controls® ozone generators integrated for challenging concerns in water and wastewater.

De Nora announces the launch of the DE NORA TETRA® ABF bioactive filter for use in municipal water treatment. Combining a biologically active filter (BAF) with ozone generation, the new DE NORA TETRA ABF filter effectively removes micropollutants while reducing the formation of disinfection byproducts (DBPs) in drinking water and water reuse applications.

A powerful oxidizing agent when dissolved in water, ozone successfully destroys pollutants in municipal and industrial applications, including contaminants of emerging concern like pharmaceutical micropollutants, mycotoxins, and 1,4 dioxane.

Combining ozone with a BAF creates a multi-barrier advanced bioactive filtration process.

“De Nora continues to cultivate an innovative portfolio that uses intelligent solutions to provide clean water at lower cost and environmental footprint.” notes Daryl Weatherup, De Nora General Manager. “The new DE NORA TETRA ABF process is an advanced solution to the global water supply shortage.”

Using a lower ozone dose to partially oxidize carbon into smaller assimilable organic compounds (AOC), the DE NORA TETRA ABF filter removes the compounds with the downstream BAF. By removing AOCs generated by ozonation, DE NORA TETRA ABF reduces the risk of downstream biofilm growth while providing several additional benefits.

By combining ozone oxidation with biological degradation, this new process may reduce capital costs and energy consumption. Additionally, the process does not utilize reverse osmosis membranes commonly used with other direct and indirect water reuse schemes. This simplifies operation and keeps maintenance costs lower and does not produce additional waste stream that need to be handled.

A leader in water treatment for more than 60 years including 40+ years in ozone solutions, De Nora understands the urgent need for modern water treatment applications to streamline water management processes.