De Nora hosts World Water Day roundtable

Panellists from diverse backgrounds to engage in conversation about groundwater sustainability.

De Nora will be hosting a one-hour virtual routable event in celebration of World Water Day, an annual observance that aims to highlight the importance of freshwater. Held on 22 Mar 2022, the roundtable will feature a diverse group of panellists who will lead an engaging and informative discussion on the topic of groundwater, the theme of this year’s World Water Day.

Dr Mirka Wilderer, CEO of De Nora Water Technologies, commented: “Groundwater is facing the same obstacles as surface water, including contamination, improper management and depletion. As habitants of this planet, it’s our responsibility to ensure this critical source of life is sustained for families of the future.

“We hope participants will fund this webinar intriguing and leave with positive, actionable thoughts as we strive to be better stewards of our always precious resources.”

Roundtable participants hail from diverse backgrounds, from non-profit and utility organisations to engineering and academic institutions, all sharing one common interest – water. A complete list of panel participants along with their contributions to the water industry will be released the week preceding the roundtable.