De Nora finalises deals of ultraviolet and chlorine dioxide disinfection technologies

The acquisitions enhance the company’s ability to bring innovative, multi-barrier approaches to today’s challenging water treatment issues

Continuing its mission of delivering water and wastewater treatment solutions, De Nora has announced the finalisation of two acqusitions, adding Grundfos ISIA and the UV Technologies Division (CCUV) from Calgon Carbon Corporation to its portfolio of water treatment solutions. The addition of these chlorine dioxide and ultraviolet water treatment technologies will allow De Nora to further its range of solutions to its customers, affirming the company’s commitment to combating emerging contaminants and complex water treatment challenges.

With the acquisition official this July, De Nora brings the authorities of two key methods of pathogen defense together under one roof. Chlorine dioxide generators have been the primary focus for ISIA for more than 20 years. CCUV has expertise in advanced oxidation processes (AOP) using UV light nearly 30 years ago. The additions are said to elevate De Nora’s Capital Controls disinfection product portfolio.

The ability to innovate to find new methods for eliminating pathogens continues to be a primary focus for De Nora. The mission becomes even more critical as society enters unchartered territory, experiencing increased frequency of catastrophic weather events such as flooding, as well as global pandemics – both shown in recent research to have an impact on the level of Contaminants of Emerging Concern (CECs) detected in water sources. The acquisitions improve De Nora’s ability to provide multi-barrier solutions across municipal, industrial and marine applications.

Included in the deal with Calgon Carbon Corporation are municipal and industrial water ultraviolet disinfection brands RAYOX, SENTINEL and C3 Series UV, as well as the products, brands and assets of Hyde Marine, a provider of UV ballast water management systems. Both companies will begin transitioning to De Nora’s operations in the coming weeks.