Danish wastewater plant opts for actuator automation using CK Centronik modular actuators

A Danish wastewater treatment works has moved from manual to automated valve actuation after ordering Rotork CK range electric actuators complete with integral Centronik control modules. Rotork CKc actuators provided the customer with a robust and reliable solution together with a reduced maintenance requirement.

Fagerberg AS ordered isolating duty CKc actuators to be installed by Holsted Smedie at Lolland Forsyning’s Renseanlaegget Hunseby Strand purification plant, located on the Danish island Lolland, where they will be used to operate penstock and gate valves. The actuators will be connected using the Profinet® network protocol which supports speeds up to up to 100 Mbit/s.

Every year the plant treats approximately 2.8 million m³ of wastewater discharged into the Smålandsfarvandet. The plant was built in 1977 before being upgraded to unmanned remote operation in 2003 with new equipment added in 2018. Two of Lolland Forsyning’s other wastewater treatment sites, Rødbyhavn Wastewater Treatment Plant and Dannemare Wastewater Treatment Plant, both use Rotork intelligent IQ electric actuators with Profinet.

The CKc includes all the features included in a standard CK model. The actuator is capable of a direct output torque range from 10 to 500 Nm (7 to 369 lbf.ft). It offers modular plug and socket connection for easier wiring in the field while it maintains continuous valve position indication even during power loss.

The Centronik module enhances the actuator’s capabilities further by providing intelligent control and integration with other site control systems.

Rotork CKc actuators can be remotely configured and operated using selector switches on the Centronik housing or a Rotork Setting Tool using either infrared or Bluetooth interfaces while a backlit display ensures position and status information is visible even in direct sunlight or adverse weather conditions. Either side of the display are LED indicators to show position, torque, alarm status and connection activity. This information is also recorded on a data logger showing actuator starts, status and events on screen while the data can also be securely downloaded to a PC and analysed using Rotork Insight 2 software.

The modular nature of the Centronik controls means all standard features common to all CK actuators are present including IP68 (8 m/96 hours) double-sealed environmental protection, motor-independent handwheel operation, mechanical valve position indication and independent torque and position sensing for increased valve protection.