Dais and Beijing Geoenviron Engineering and Technology come to an agreement

Dais Analytic Corporation, a commercial business specialising in the nanotechnology business selling its game changing nanomaterial technology to the global water, air, and energy markets finalised a three-year Cooperation Agreement with Beijing Geoenviron Engineering and Technology, Inc. (BGE), itself a solutions provider leader in pollution prevention and treatment in Mainland China, to distribute Dais’ NanoClear™ products to treat highly-contaminated industrial wastewater.

Under the terms of the Agreement, BGE will use its well-established, sprawling sales network and organisation to its advantage and actively promote and sell NanoClear™ membrane evaporators that can be used for wastewater treatment in the petrochemical and electric power industries in Mainland China. BGE will also be in charge of setting up a pilot project that will also serve as a vital component of marketing NanoClear™. During the three-year period of the Agreement, BGE will also purchase a minimum of sixteen systems from Dais along with membrane evaporators and procure, design, and build the balance of the water pollution treatment systems with Dias providing the needed support and guidance for the portion of the system using NanoClear™.

“The water resources of China are affected by water shortages and water pollution. China has 20 per cent of the world’s population but only seven per cent of the world’s water supply with a large portion of the available drinking water showing signs of contamination. A growing population, and continued economic development coupled with newer regulatory environmental requirements create a steep demand for products offering solutions to improve water quality and supplies,” CEO of Dias, Tim Tangredi, said. “Entering into this Cooperation Agreement with BGE is a significant milestone for our company. Their vision led them to Dias and Dias’ innovative NanoClear™ product powered by our proprietary Aqualyte™ nanomaterial.”

“Advanced industrial wastewater technologies are in great demand in China as the country takes on the challenge of addressing its water crisis,” Mr Miller Ma, General manager and Chief Engineer of BGE, commented. “Dais’ cutting edge Aqualyte™ nanomaterial technology lets sphisticatd science do the work of cleaning aggressively contaminated industrial wastewater rather than traditional contaminated water cleaning products. We are excited to be launching a cooperation with Dais in China this year.”


Source: Dais Analytic Corporation