Custom Mud Cat Dredge to Improve Boise Watershed

Ellicott Dredge Technologies (EDT) has announced that the City of Boise, Idaho chose it to design a Mud Cat 40E Custom (MC-40EC) dredge for the city’s innovative Dixie Drain Phosphorous Offset Project. Boise will use the MC-40EC dredge to remove phosphorous from the Boise Watershed.

Boise selected the MC-40EC due to Mud Cat’s global reputation for quality and their proven ability to deliver custom features. The custom features include the overall length of the dredge, the slurry pump flow and pressure, a fully protected auger system, and an auger calibrated to specific digging depths for the project.

In addition to its custom features, the MC-40EC boasts several other unique systems. EDT has equipped the dredge with its Automated Remote Control System, which allows for custom features to be integrated into a fully automated remote dredging system. The addition of a shore mounted control panel enables this option. The NEMA 4 control panel allows users to operate and monitor all the onboard functions during operation.

For the Dixie Drain Project, the MC-40EC was also equipped with Auto Sense™ and Lateral Sense™. Together, they utilize a rail or cable system that will allow the entire pond to be dredged without the use of an operator.

The Dixie Drain Phosphorous Offset Project is the first of its kind effort to remove excessive phosphorous loads from the Boise and Snake River. Excessive phosphorous runoff deteriorates water quality and causes harmful algae blooms. Instead of adding costly filters to the city’s water treatment plant, the project will divert water from Dixie Drain to holding ponds where chemical additives will remove the phosphorous from the water. The phosphorous will settle as sediment onto the bottom of holding ponds, which the MC-40EC will pump away into holding cells. When complete, the project will be able to remove over 140 pounds of phosphorous per day.

The project is being hailed by the Mayor of Boise, David Bieter, as, “One of the most creative projects I’ve seen in my time in government. By developing this innovative solution to a complex problem, the city is saving money and making the city more sustainable. Thanks to everyone involved.”