CST Wastewater Solutions debuts horizontal drum screens at Ozwater’21

CST Wastewater Solutions has introduced its horizontal in-channel rotary drum screening technology at Ozwater’21 this May. The Australian wastewater authority pointed out several advantages horizontal drum screens have over incline systems, including an efficient engineering concept and detail engineering, which combine to provide “very low whole-of-life costs” when compared with other screens, with servicing required only every 4-6 years.

CST’s Australian-manufactured horizontal drum screens are capable of 5mm or finer screening on flows up to 2,000 litres per second. They are designed for municipal inlet works, pre-membrane systems, pulp and paper mills, food and beverage, including abattoirs, manufacturing, tanneries, and a broad range of industrial and municipal applications.

Michael Bambridge, managing director for CST Wastewater Solutions, commented: “Efficient headworks are vital to all the downstream purification and recycling process stages in wastewater treatment plant, regardless of the location and input. Unless solids are efficiently separated out from wastewater at the start of the purification process, you are inviting trouble into the system – and this can cost operators dearly in terms of downtime, environment risk and clean-up costs and OH&S hazards for the teams involved.”

He added that the municipal and industrial applications and inputs for which CST’s rotary fine screen technology is engineered reflect the diverse inputs and needs encountered by different municipalities throughout the world.

“The system is built to be versatile, flexible and robust, because these tasks vary not only from place to place, but day-to-day and week-to-week as loads on the system change,” he continued. “WWTPs have to respond continually to the separation of coarse solids to prevent blockages and obstructions in downstream biological and physical processes, while minimising the overall operating strain on the plant and staff.”

CST Wastewater Solutions’ horizontal drum screening technology has lower fluid head loss at peak flows to increase solids removal efficiency compared with typical traditional screening at wastewater treatment plants, Bambridge concluded.