CSNRI enhances pipeline integrity with new composite solutions

A+ Wrap by CSNRI (Photo credit: CSNRI).

ClockSpring|NRI (CSNRI) has added a new product to its composite repair solutions for pipeline rehabilitation and repair. A+ Max is a complimentary product to the current A+ Wrap, and provides another tool for pipeline operators to enhance pipeline integrity.

A+ Max combines the same chemistry of the A+ Wrap family with a strong and thicker fabric to reduce installation time and increase safety.

A+ Wrap was developed to address the need for flexible composite repair for buried pipelines. Coming in various widths and lengths, the pre-impregnated system minimises field saturation practices while maintaining flexibility to reinforce elbows, tees, and other geometries. The water-activated polyurethane resin enables successful installations underwater, on sweating pipe, or in a splash zone.

A+ Max is intended for more severe defects, higher pressure repairs, and use on larger diameters that would otherwise require a higher layer count using the A+ Wrap system. While not as nimble as A+ Wrap on smaller pipes or add geometry, A+ Max is designed for large diameter pipes with thick walls and severe damage.

Installed using the same techniques and skills, the two products now work hand-in-hand to further meet the needs of the pipeline rehabilitation industry.

Cedric Oudinot, president of CSNRI, commented: “Our R&D team has developed the A+ Max product extension to work alongside the already successful A+ Wrap family, focused on addressing specific field optimization identified by pipeline operators and contractors. A+ Max continues to build on the highest repair quality for approved defects, such as corrosion and dents, while further reducing time to backfill by eliminating field saturation and compressing installation cycle time.”