Crane Engineering awarded distribution of ITT engineered valves in US

Crane Engineering, a distributor of fluid technology solutions in the Midwest, US, was awarded distributor partnership with ITT engineered valves for Dia-Flo, Cam-Line, Cam-Tite and exclusivity for the Pure-Flo product line. This expansion follows its previous and ongoing distribution of ITT engineered valves’ fabri-valve line.

The distribution region will span north and south Dakota, Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Michigan, marking a shift in ITT’s channel strategy. The expansion of Crane Engineering’s partnership points to the company’s sales growth, with product lines such as ITT Goulds pumps.

Crane Engineering and its expanded ITT engineered valves product line distribution

The newly added products are built with heavy-duty materials for corrosive applications, and are designed to accommodate the standards of industries such as pharmaceutical, chemical processing, nuclear and power generation, mining, water treatment, and F&B. These product lines are said to be key for customers with unique flow control and safety requirements. 

Steve Burch, North American sales manager for ITT engineered valves said, “ITT products, along with Crane’s technical expertise and focus on customer satisfaction, will benefit our collaborative teams and our customers moving forward.” 

The expanded valve line includes the Dia-Flo industrial diaphragm valves which feature bonnet isolation, separating components from flow, emissions control without packing, and easy in-line maintenance with removable top works for access. The Pure-Flo hygienic diaphragm valves — tailored for the pharmaceutical, bioprocessing, and F&B sectors — ensure hygiene and facilitate easy cleaning and in-place sterilisation. It features compact bodies, minimised hold-up volumes, and reliable operation in BioPharm applications, with multivalve fabrications and integral blocks. Further, Cam-Line plastic lined ball valves are designed for highly corrosive scenarios in the chemical sector with its special linings, optional polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF) coatings, tight shutoff, reliable stem seal, low-operating torque, and extended seal life due to its cam design. Finally, Cam-Tite hazardous and critical duty ball valves are designed for corrosive settings seen in chemical processing, nuclear, and power generation industries as they feature low-operating torque, ensuring minimised ‘breakaway torque’ with shut-off at varying pressures, and its cam action prolongs seal life by decreasing lateral loads.