Cortec® designs low conductivity / low sodium corrosion inhibitor for generator stator cooling systems and nuclear applications!

Corrosion in generator stator cooling systems is a serious problem because it can obstruct the flow of cooling water and reduce the efficiency of the cooling system, leading to operational problems as time goes on. Because of low conductivity requirements, corrosion inhibitors must meet special parameters for use in generator stators. Corrosion inhibitors for hydrostatic testing and layup of cooling water systems in the nuclear industry are also limited, in this case by low sodium restrictions.

Cortec® Corporation, a strong proponent of organic chemistry corrosion inhibitors, has developed a simple water treatment for use in cooling systems where low conductivity or low sodium products are required. Based solely on organic components, VpCI®-648 does not contain nitrites or any halogen counter ions. At recommended dosages, VpCI®-648 does not significantly contribute to the conductivity of water systems. VpCI®-648 protects both ferrous metals and copper. It contributes less than two parts of sodium per billion at a typical dose, making it an excellent choice for use in the nuclear industry.

In addition to being used to avoid clogging and slowing from corrosion in water-cooled generator stators during operation, VpCI®-648 can be used during layup or hydrostatic testing of low conductivity or low sodium systems, making it ideal for offline preservation of nuclear industry cooling water systems, as well as generator stators. This is an important step to protect valuable equipment from corrosion during an idle period or after it is hydro-tested for leaks.

VpCI®-648 is specifically intended for corrosion protection of water-cooled generator stators in the power industry, but it is also applicable to other cooling systems where a low conductivity or low sodium product is required. Applications include the following low conductivity cutting operations:

  • EDM machining
  • Plasma arc machining
  • Laser cutting operations

Whether used in generator stators, nuclear cooling systems, or laser cutting operations, VpCI®-648 is an excellent specialty water treatment for low sodium or low conductivity applications where corrosion protection is required.