Cortec® beats winter cooling tower layup problems with new level of corrosion protection

Winter is coming to the Northern Hemisphere, which means many cooling towers are going into winter layup and will be at higher risk for corrosion. Failing to properly take a cooling tower system out of service for seasonal layup will lead to unplanned maintenance and repairs when the tower is brought back into service. Corrosion by-products and chip scale will travel throughout the system to plug strainers and distribution decks, requiring additional labour hours to remedy.

Fortunately, Cortec’s Cooling Loop Gator® offers a huge improvement on standard industry layup practices by providing effective corrosion protection that is simple, safe, and easy to implement with any existing cooling water treatment programme. To further enhance protection, Cortec’s companion technology, BioClean™ 612, offers a non-biocidal cleaning treatment that increases the effectiveness of the Cooling Loop Gator®.

BioClean™ 612 is a powerful aliphatic amide based organic penetrating agent and organic deposit dispersant for industrial applications susceptible to microbiological contamination. Even under normal operating conditions with an effective treatment programme, it is common for biofilm to exist in a system. BioClean™ 612 works to lift and remove organic so they can be flushed away and leave a clean surface for Cooling Loop Gator® to access and protect the metal with greater effectiveness. BioClean™ 612 is not a biocide, but it can also work synergistically with many biocides to further improve system cleanliness, if desired.

After preparing the system surface with BioClean™ 612, all that remains is to apply Cooling Loop Gator® and cycle it through the cooling tower before shutting down and draining the system. As Cooling Loop Gator® dissolves and circulates, it leaves behind a protective film on the metal surfaces of the cooling tower system. It also releases VCI/VpCI® molecules that offer vapor-phase corrosion protection on metals in void spaces above the water level. After applying Cooling Loop Gator®, the system can be drained, closed, and left preserved for up to 12 months. No additional steps are typically required to remove the corrosion inhibitors at start-up.

By itself, Cooling Loop Gator® provides a huge corrosion protection advantage previously unknown to many water treatment industry professionals. Together with BioClean™ 612, it makes an even more powerful layup system to achieve the best, safest, and easiest corrosion protection available on the market for preserving valuable cooling tower assets.