Cortec adds new Cooling Loop Croc

Corrosion solutions manufacturer Cortec has introduced an addition to its water treatment products in preparation for a smoother spring startup as water treatment service facility managers are shutting down their cooling systems for the fall and winter.

With Cooling Loop Croc, cooling water systems during startup are protected

Cortec has offered a solution for corrosion protection of cooling loops and cooling towers during seasonal layup. Spring cooling tower startup season reportedly brings challenges such as highly oxygenated makeup water that increases the risk of oxygen pitting. Yet, corrosion inhibitors from the normal operating water treatment programme are not in place which heightens the risk. Biofilm buildup from the off-season also needs to be removed at startup to prevent interference with heat exchange efficiency.

The Cooling Loop Croc is said to reduce initial chemical consumption by introducing a dose of vapour phase corrosion inhibitors paired with an organic dispersant. These powders are packaged in water-soluble bags that should be added directly to an area of turbulent water after the cooling tower has been filled. The pouch dissolves and releases a combination of contact and vapour phase corrosion inhibitors that circulate throughout the system, protecting multi-metals, including galvanised steel and yellow metals such as copper and brass.

In addition to protecting metal surfaces in direct contact with the treated water, the vapour phase action of Cooling Loop Croc inhibits corrosion on inaccessible and recessed surfaces above the water level. The organic-dispersant component helps lift biofilm away from metal surfaces, preparing the organic matter for routine biocide treatment and subsequent removal, thus speeding up spring cleaning for the system. On the environmental health and safety side, it reportedly eliminates direct handling of chemicals. It also has the advantage of a nitrite-, phosphate-, and chromate-free formula made from more than 80% biodegradable materials.

The use of Cooling Loop Croc keeps Cooling Loop Gator for the next spring. Applying the gator at the beginning of seasonal layup will inhibit corrosion on surfaces that would normally go unprotected while the system is offline. Water treatment service providers can extend that corrosion protection by incorporating this product into their startup while waiting for the normal chemical operating programme to begin.