Constrat to deploy 7,000 water meters in Greece with Sigfox Hellas and UnaBiz

Municipality of Parga selects Greek water utility company Constrat to deploy 7,000 water meters with Sigfox Hellas — supported by UnaBiz, the owner of Sigfox 0G technology — to transform water management in Greece.

The solution leverages Sigfox 0G technology — a low-power wide-area network — to provide energy-efficient data collection, and sustainable water metering solutions for communities and the environment.   

As a domain expert, Constrat chose Sigfox 0G technology as the water meter utilises the Honeywell MERLIN 868 HB-G3, a module that supports Sigfox and WMBus protocols, providing service level agreement (SLA) and quality of service.

Constrat CEO Kostas Stratis said, “We are thrilled to partner with Sigfox Hellas and UnaBiz, to pave the way for a smarter and more sustainable Greece. We recognise the significance of security, stability and continuity in the utilities market, and hope to reshape the smart water metering landscape within the next 5 years.”

As the 0G network operator of Greece, Sigfox Hellas supports the project in coverage of the 0G network by deploying base stations in the region of Parga municipality, to ensure successful deployment of Sigfox water metering solutions.

Evangelos Argyris, CEO of Sigfox Hellas, added, “Together with local domain experts like Constrat and UnaBiz, who have connected millions of meters worldwide on the Sigfox 0G network, we are confident to bring smart metering to scale in Greece.”

According to Dharmesh Goshalia, regional director of UnaBiz for Middle East, Africa, Greece, Turkey and India; Unabiz has connected over 2.6 million smart metering sensors worldwide, of which over 50% are for water metering. “Together with Sigfox Hellas and local domain experts like Constrat, we are poised to scale smart metering in Greece,” he said.

(Image: Unsplash)