Collaborative summit to explore future of FOG

Returning for its third edition, the European FOG Summit will once again bring together water, wastewater and sustainability professionals to explore new ways of addressing fat, oil and grease (FOG) in sewers and pave the way for a blockage-free future.

FOG Summit 2019

Every year, FOG-related sewer blockages and spills cost global water authorities billions to clear, and can have negative impacts on the environment. The European FOG Summit will gather professionals to examine the current status of the challenge and what the future might hold, with conversations focusing on proactive mitigation, technological solutions, international research, and the role FOG can play in local authorities’ circular initiatives and sustainability goals.

Participants will also have an opportunity to join networking events. These will include a tour of Southern Water’s wastewater treatment works in nearby Peacehaven, and networking lunch and dinner.

The collaborative event is hosted by technology company SwiftComply alongside trade association British Water and UK utility Southern Water, and will take place in the UK for the first time, in Brighton, East Sussex, on 14 Oct 2021. The organisers will comply with all government COVID-19 safety guidelines, and will monitor the global situation, placing contingencies in place should travel restrictions apply.