CleanEnviro Summit: CDE and YTL promote manufactured sands to improve project efficiency

Batu Tiga Quarry Sdn Bhd, YTL Corporation Berhad’s quarry division, operates 15 quarry sites with 25 crushing and screening plants in Peninsular Malaysia, producing more than 21 million tons of quarry products per year. The division produces various sizes of quarry products including 20mm, 10mm, Quarry Dust, Crusher Run, Ballast, Armour Rocks and other customised sizes, and is the largest producer of manufactured sand in Malaysia.

In the production of manufactured Sand, the division has enhanced its quality of use in the production of ready mixed concrete by improving the particle shape and controlling the silt content by using proven world class technology and equipment.

The process of producing manufactured sand begins with crushing hard rocks into smaller fractions in a controlled manner to achieve a good particle shape. However, the crushing operation generates high and varying levels of ultra-fines that lowers the commercial value of the crushed material and creates technical challenges for its use in concrete production. To alleviate these challenges, advanced wet processing techniques from CDE was used to consistently grade sand, making it free from adulteration and impurities, further improving the project efficiency by reducing the consumption of cement.

“We have almost eliminated river-sand in our projects through substitutions and wherever sand has to be used, we have switched to manufactured sand. It not only addresses ecological issues but also improves project efficiency significantly,” Mr Patrick Pereira, executive director of YRL quarry division, explained. “CDE Combo technology has helped us t enhance the quality of manufactured sand by controlling the level of silt and delivering the right gradation. It also gives us the flexibility of adjusting the fineness modulus of sand as per our project requirement.”

Sand accounts for 35 per cent of the volume of concrete used in the building construction industry and as the Asian region rides a growth trajectory, its demand has ballooned and led to the plunder of riverbeds. Moreover, traditional sources of sand such as rivers and creeks have been restricted by several countries in SEA, leading to significant shortages.

Presently, the destruction of riverine ecosystems by indiscriminate sand mining is gradually giving way to a lightly regulated industrial-scale production of manufactured sand with the support of large conglomerates like YTL Group. It is lending some respite to city administrators and affected communities while also addressing environmental issues and improving delivery while helping to reduce the costs of construction projects.

CDE is creating an entirely new marketplace across Asia with more than 280 installations in India, Thailand, and Japan, among many other countries.

“Our sustainable technology of producing washed and graded manufactured sand, is helping to replace natural sand, which is fast becoming scarce and expensive. It will benefit the sand manufacturers by providing top quality graded construction sand and sustainable operations by reusing up to 95 per cent of water used,” Manish Bhartia, managing director of CDE Asia, shared. “By utilising normally low-value crusher fines for sand production, we can extend the life of natural resources and also add huge commercial value to our customer’s enterprise.”