Clean TeQ receives order for Townsville recycled water treatment facility

Clean TeQ Water has announced it has received and accepted an order from the company’s local civil partner for delivery of a 15 megalitre per day recycled water treatment facility at Cleveland Bay Purification Plant for Townsville City Council in Australia.

The head contractor, AGC, has received the order from the Townsville City Council for the design and construction of the Recycled WTF at Cleveland Bay Purification Plant and associated distribution pipelines. Clean TeQ Water will be responsible for providing the process design, delivery, installation and commissioning of the equipment treating the water to Class A for industrial reuse and irrigation.

The use of Class A water for irrigation reduces the demand for potable water as part of TCC’s integrated water strategy. Municipal water reuse is considered one of the most economical methods for increasing fresh-water availability and improving water security. Furthermore, the water that currently discharges into Cleveland Bay is also beneficial to the Great Barrier Reef and sensitive ecosystems in the area.

The value of this work to CNQ is around A$10 million and includes a provision to increase the capacity of the WTF to 20MLD and to further upgrade the treatment technology to reach higher quality effluent.