Chris Hubbard joins PWTech leadership team

Wastewater solutions provider welcomes 20-year industry veteran.

Process Wastewater Technologies (PWTech), an American manufacturer of sludge handling products, has named Chris Hubbard as joint business development manager and regional sales manager. Hubbard will bring more than 20 years of water industry experience, joining the executive team at a critical juncture in wastewater treatment marked by a heightened focus on efficiency and environmental challenges.

Alex Davey, president of PWTech, said: “The industry is always evolving to meet the needs of our end users, which in recent years, seems to be accelerated by things like secondhand impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic and an enhanced focus on emerging contaminants. PWTech is ramping up efforts to ensure we’re equipped to provide adequate support and solutions that make plant processes as efficient as possible for all parties involved.”

PWTech provides the Volute as part of a complete dewatering solution, including pumps, remote sensors and conveyors, all integrated with the digital control panel.

Prior to PWTech, Hubbard served the industry in various managerial and sales roles, while also co-founding a consulting business focused on flood mitigation equipment. PWTech expects Hubbard to play a role in the growth of its Volute Dewatering Press arm of the business, as many utilities are faced with diminishing biosolids management options. The company’s optimised screw press achieves both thickening and dewatering in a single compact solution, lowering operating expenses including fees associated with the hauling of sludge.

“Wastewater treatment plants, especially in the Northeast, are dealing with several big changes simultaneously. Not only is their sludge drastically different as a result of industry closures, but they’re also facing new regulations. In Maine, for example, legislation just passed that basically requires all wastewater solids be sent to a landfill or incineration, so removing as much water as possible is going to be critical in that state to keep expenses down,” Davey added. “We’ve had great success in the region with these types of projects, and Chris is prepared to help others on similar paths.”