China Everybright Water takes on three upgrading projects in wastewater treatment

China Everbright Water, an environmental protection company, managed to capture three wastewater treatment upgrading projects, totalling USD$30.5 million, on 6th March, Monday.

Liaoning Dalian Quanshui Waste Water Treatment, Liaoning Dalian Chunliuhe Waste Water Treatment, and Shandong Zibo Zhoucun Waste Water Treatment are the three projects the company took.

Work on the treatment plants will commence soon, as upgrading efforts on the Zhoucun project is projected for completion within the first half of the year. The current facilities will be enhanced and when finished, will be able to treat up to 40,000m³ of water on a daily basis. The total investment for this project is USD$2.3 million.

The finances for the Quanshui Upgrading Project and Chunliuhe Upgrading Project are USD$7.15 million and USD$21 million respectively. Both projects are expected to be completed by the end of the year.

Sources: The Business Times; The Edge Markets