China continues to be a global leader in submersible pump market

According to Future Market Insights report, China holds the maximum share among all the countries and is the largest exporter of submersible pumps worldwide. China-based pump manufacturers are generating maximum revenue from exports. This is ultimately boosting China’s submersible pump market. Apart from this, China is focusing on urbanisation which in turn is anticipated to drive the demand for submersible pumps, particularly for domestic and industrial water and wastewater applications.

China is expected to register growth in water and wastewater segment which will boost the demand for submersible pumps. Submersible pump providers have their own support offices in China to provide aftersales services to the end users. That is why most Chinese players have tie-ups with local retailers to target domestic and agricultural end users. Chinese players sell submersible pump at lower prices as compared to global and regional brands. This increases preference of end users for such Chinese brands for agricultural and domestic applications. However, emergence of China as a major producer of low cost pumps has disrupted the market of submersible pumps in other regions to a certain extent.

Sewage submersible pumps find greater demand and adoption from the municipalities and the construction industry in China. Sewage submersible pumps are designed in such a way so as to facilitate the movement of sewage waste and solids and by revenue this is the largest market segment in China. In China, these submersible pumps are mainly used in agriculture, metallurgy, shipping, mining, construction, and power industries. The submersible pumps market in China is primarily driven by rapid urbanisation, decline in the supply of fresh water, and deep water exploration activities. These pumps are also playing an integral role in the crude production process in China, which helps increase the production of crude oil.

With China’s industrial sector growing at a fast pace, construction and infrastructure projects have witnessed huge expenditure, hence creating increasing demand for submersible pumps. Also, people migrating from rural to urban areas in China is triggering submersible pumps demand, particularly in the sewage and waste water industry segments. A rising demand for water and energy coupled with a growth in the oilfields is further expected to boost demand for the submersible pumps market in China.

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