Chicken run for Landia Chopper Pump

Ferrier Pumps have brought in a Landia Chopper Pump to deal with wastewater from chicken processing

Ferrier Pumps has brought about a successful solution to a tricky wastewater application at a new chicken processing plant in Scotland.

The Landia Chopper Pump has to deal with hard-to-handle solids such as feathers

With washdown water containing feathers, faeces and sawdust, achieving the required flow rate was critical, as was the selection of a pump that could cope with the difficult solids.

As part of its design, which included two screens, pipework, control panels and flowmeter, Ferrier Pumps (established 1981), brought in a submersible Chopper Pump from Landia, as Peter Ramsay, Sales Engineer, explained, “Critically, we knew that if the minimum self-cleansing velocity could not be not maintained for this packaged pumping station, then the solids in the pumped product would settle out causing blockages.

We’d also seen from previous experience that the Landia Chopper Pump is extremely effective and reliable – even when having to deal with very hard-to-handle solids such as feathers. We’ve had no issues at all. It really is the best pump for these challenging applications”.

Operating at 1500 RPM, the submersible Landia Chopper Pump installed by Ferrier Pumps is designed with its classic external knife system that relentlessly chops solids before they get inside the pump’s casing – continuously reducing particle sizes for the benefit of the process.