Chemetry and Permascand announce collaboration on electrochemical cells for eShuttle® technology

Chemetry and Permascand are pleased to announce they are working together to scale-up and commercialise a novel electrochemical cell for Chemetry’s eShuttle® technology. Chemetry and Permascand will collaborate to finalise the design and to fabricate the Chemetry cell ensuring optimum performance and manufacturability.

3 Dimensional drawing of the EDC Demonstration Plant to be fabricated by Zeton and assembled in Brazil

Chemetry’s electrochemical cell is unique in its use of three chambers and two membranes, allowing the process to separate the brine into halide and sodium ions with the lowest possible power consumption.  Permascand is a global leader in electrochemistry, cell design and manufacturing and will use their expertise to ensure full reliability and a competitive cost base for the commercial electrolyser.

Chemetry’s eShuttle® platform combines electrochemistry and catalysis to enable more sustainable process technologies for commodity chemicals. The proprietary electrochemical cell allows Chemetry to oxidise metal ions in the electrochemical cell which are then reacted with hydrocarbon feedstocks. The cell design has been developed over many years at Chemetry’s pilot facility in Moss Landing, California. Working with Permascand, Chemetry will be able to optimise the design for both reliability and manufacturability, enabling Chemetry and its partners to scale-up to commercial production, where thousands of cells are combined to create world-scale production facilities.

Permascand has nearly 50 years of experience in fabricating electrochemical cells and the associated coatings and equipment that complement Chemetry’s technology. Permascand’s expertise ranges from prototype development through to full-scale contract manufacturing of electrochemical cells supporting the global water treatment, electrification & renewables, and chlorate & chlor-alkali markets.

Dr. Ryan Gilliam, Chemetry’s CEO, said, “Collaborating with Permascand on the manufacturing scale-up of our electrochemical cell is a key step towards commercialising Chemetry’s eShuttle® technology. Through leveraging Permascand’s wealth of experience, Chemetry is confident we will be able to manufacture a reliable cell while at the same time ensuring our eShuttle® technology is the lowest cost option for the production of commodity chemicals. We are very excited to have Permascand as a partner on our path to commercialisation.”

Peter Lundström, CEO at Permascand commented, “We are excited to be part of this collaboration with Chemetry, offering our expertise for the eShuttle® commercialisation, supplying the electrochemical market with high-end technology solutions that contributes to accelerating the global green transition.”