After more than two years of product development, global group in ceramic flat membrane (CFM) technology CERAFILTEC introduced its latest product innovation, FLEXX-CAP at IFAT 2024.

Attendees and members of the media joined the team for the product reveal at its booth, B2.114 (Image: CERAFILTEC)

FLEXX-CAP harnesses enhanced fluid dynamics to increase the performance of ceramic membranes in Membrane BioReactor (MBR) systems. The innovation lies in engineered micromovements, dislodging solids from the membrane while reducing the laminar boundary layer on the membrane surface; both key factors in enhancing flux rates and improving MBR operations. The FLEXX-CAP is expected to lower total costs to operators and replace traditional polymeric membranes with advanced ceramic membrane technology.

Ceramic membranes are known for their robustness, offering an extended lifespan, superior cleaning flexibility, and the ability to manage challenging feed waters, including those with high levels of oil and grease. Moreover, ceramic membranes ensure consistent water quality and require less maintenance, reducing the operational challenges of fibre breakages and other polymeric membrane limitations. FLEXX-CAP enables the first-ever membrane technology that is reportedly unbreakable, cleanable, and movable.    

“We have always known that micromovements on the membrane surface reduce the boundary layer and disrupt laminar flow, causing solids to detach and substantially enhancing ceramic MBR performance,” CERAFILTEC chief science officer Dr Martin Kaschek said. “We are thrilled to have developed a product that not only achieves this but also improves MBR operations and costs.”

Recently, the company secured MBR projects in Italy, Mexico, Greece, the UAE, and Africa, replacing polymeric membranes. According to Grand View Research, the size of the global membrane bioreactor market was US$3.35bn in 2022, and is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 7% from 2023-2030.