Centrisys to provide centrifuges for Waterloo, Iowa and Lancaster County, South Carolina

Centrisys Corporation has announced that it has secured an order for American-made decanter centrifuges from the City of Waterloo, Iowa Waste Management Services and the Lancaster County, South Carolina Water and Sewer District. The orders will support increased processing capacities, technology and service upgrades, and treatment centre expansions.

Lancaster County’s Indian Land Wastewater Treatment Plant will receive one CS26-4HC 2PH decanter centrifuge with shipment and installation planned for December 2020. The City of Waterloo’s Easton Avenue Wastewater Treatment Plant will receive two CS26-4HC 2PH decanter centrifuges with shipment and installation planned for March 2021. All units will be designed, engineered, and built in the United States at Centrisys’ Kenosha, WI-based facilities.

“The City of Waterloo and Lancaster County both presented unique challenges to improve their current wastewater service efficiencies,” said Michael Kopper, president and chief executive officer of Centrisys. “The Centrisys team was honoured to be pre-qualified and sole-sourced in both circumstances based on service and support capabilities. I am confident the customised features offered by our CS26-4HC 2 PH decanter centrifuges will provide innovative support for the critical work of both wastewater service locations.”

The Centrisys CS26-4HC 2PH decanter centrifuge offers:

  • Smallest footprint of centrifuges in size specification
  • Feed capacity up to 350gpm
  • Total installed power of 165HP (The City of Waterloo will receive an upsized main drive to 150HP due to higher flow rate. The scroll will utilize a VFD-powered HPU at 25HP–for a total 175HP installed)
  • Rotodiff® hydraulic scroll drive
  • Highest G-volume and torque capacity

The City of Waterloo’s wastewater treatment facility and sewer system includes approximately 400 miles of sanitary sewer lines and 300 miles of storm sewer lines. Waterloo’s Environmentally Beneficial Infrastructure and Modernization Program aims to reduce the amount of stormwater in the sanitary sewer to enable proper flow to the storm sewer and other diversion methods. During pilot testing at the Easton Avenue Wastewater Treatment Plant, Centrisys was able to increase the cake from the previous 15 percent total solids range (TS) using ageing belt filter presses to an improved 25-28 percent TS range using the Centrisys CS26-4HC 2PH decanter centrifuge.

Lancaster County’s Water and Sewer District currently serves the fourth fastest growing area in South Carolina, with the population souring nearly 25 percent since 2010. The planned expansion of the Indian Land Wastewater Treatment Plant will incorporate modifications to the influent pump station, construction of a new 5 MGD SBR treatment system including new blower building, installation of new rotating disc filters, installation of UV disinfection and post aeration, effluent piping, upgraded sludge handling, and installation of a Centrisys CS26-4HC 2PH decanter centrifuge.