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Webinar: Water Digital Twins for Improved Decision-Making & Optimised Asset and Process Management

Digital Twins are no longer a novel feature for plants and utilities - they’re an industrial necessity, and many water companies today...

Four lessons from creating a Dutch circular face scrub

On the surface, beauty products and water treatment are worlds apart. After all, the glitz and glamour of cosmetics and utility-scale operations don't often mix.

From IT to OT, and navigating the in-between

For water utilities and operators, the digital landscape is fraught with potential hazards. Water and Wastewater Asia speaks to Claroty’s Eddie Stefanescu to learn more about what industry players can do to even the playing field.

Solving water challenges

DuPont Water Solutions is a global leader in sustainable separation and purification technology. The company recently completed four acquisitions to increase access to products and technologies needed to meet global customers’ current and future water and wastewater challenges.

Water & Wastewater Asia unveils new logo, revamps website

Water & Wastewater Asia, the trade professional’s go-to for expert sources of industry information, announced today the launch of its new corporate...

Mads Nipper steps down

Mads Nipper has announced that he will resign as CEO of Grundfos at the end of 2020, after accepting an offer to become CEO of the energy company Ørsted. “Grundfos...

Painting with bacteria could revolutionise wastewater treatment

Image credited to Getty Images Researchers from the University of Surrey investigated and improved the properties of biocoatings, which consist of a polymeric layer that encapsulate bacteria. When inside the...

A new trailblazer is in town…or is it really new?

David Frost, Chief Executive, Ovarro In a bold move, Servelec Technologies and Primayer rebranded themselves to Ovarro, bringing their technology to monitor and control critical, national infrastructure throughout the world...


What's possible in a week? If you dedicated seven days to the achievement of one goal, how ambitious could you make this goal? These were the questions that the...