Cambodian company considers water treatment project

Cambodia’s Angkor Landmark Company is currently studying a project to set up water treatment facilities in Sihanoukville and Siem Reap with the cooperation of Ranhil, one of Malaysia’s leading manufacturers of sewage treatment plants.

The project seeks to build water treatment plants capable of purifying up to 70 per cent of treated water, Tous Saphoeun, Angkor Landmark Company co-founder said.

Mr Saphoeun said their goal is to alleviate environmental concerns and enhance access to clean water in these provinces.

Talking about the situation in Sihanoukville, he said, “We realised that the wastewater from thousands of families who live upstream flows directly into the sea. The same thing happens with the waste from most hotels and casinos in the province.”

He said Sihanoukville doesn’t have facilities to treat water and suffers from a chronic lack of clean water. “Most of the water comes from the waterfall Kbal Chhay, which is bottled and distributed by Anco Company, but supply is not enough to meet local consumption.

“Our plan is to collect wastewater, treat it, and sell it to Anco Company,” Mr Saphoeun said, adding that Siem Reap faces the same issues with its water supply.

“We believe this an important issue and want to do something about it. The government is also concerned but it lacks a strategy to deal with the problem,” he said, adding that “smart cities really need this kind of modern facilities.”

He said next week he will visit Siem Reap and Sihanoukville to meet with the provincial governors and the Ministry of Environment to present the project.